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Awakening Worlds, a novel.

Radio Waves, a book of illustrated poems.

publications in progress

Pangs of Birth Giving, a multiperspective Novella.

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It was a thrilling experience 

to read my novel, Awakening Worlds, in public at the 

"Book Busk", 

as part of the Bristol Festival of Literature.



I recently spoke at the Llangwm Literary Festival in Pembrokeshire in 'Voice of the Village' with other Authors Philippa Davies and P..J Hetherhouse. If you missed Llangwm Lit fest this year be sure to check it out next year. I have a feeling this lit fest is going to get bigger and better each year. Take a peak!  https://www.llangwmlitfest.co.uk/





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 Introducing . . . 


 Radio Waves



A collection of illustrated poems . . . 


Written by Mary Pilcher

Illustrated by Sara Pilcher


Brought to you by Opposable Thumbs.




In September 2016 I launched my debut novel . . .


 Awakening Worlds


Reviewed as “imaginative,” “accessible,” and “so much more than a fantasy book,” Awakening Worlds promises to challenge your attitude towards faith, nature, and identity.


"Excellent debut from this author. A well-crafted narrative which deftly meets the challenge of drawing rounded characters and storyline while also asking profound questions about our relationship with our planet. Accessible and thought-provoking in equal measure." 

- Anonymous Amazon review



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Available now on Amazon



If you live outside EU or USA




When Roselyn, daughter of the universe, learns humanity’s growing disregard for Earth’s health is putting her mother’s life in danger, she volunteers to nurture a new spirit for the planet’s rebirth.


Roselyn arrives fresh from the world of ancient sunlight in 1784, and she soon discerns that human life is dispensable if she is to succeed in fulfilling the prophecy of the next world.


Roselyn’s actions are not as compassionate as one might expect from a goddess born from the planet Venus. 


But when Roselyn finds the spirit of Earth growing inside a young girl whose parents have hidden her away from the world, she finds herself feeling more compassionate—and more human—than she ever thought possible.





© Sara Pilcher 2017



© Christina Chernjavskaja 2017





The first words... back in October 2009








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