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Awakening Worlds, a novel.

Radio Waves, a book of illustrated poems.

publications in progress

Pangs of Birth Giving, a multiperspective Novella.



Welcome to the Red Planet.

Will Roselyn and Zara be able to save their brother, Mars?

Why are these humans determined to destroy their own kind?

They seem to be possessed by evil spirits.

Watch this space...         



"This was a really enjoyable read that tells the surreal story of life and death and the core issues facing our planet, the people, and it's consciousness today. A real sense of urgency builds throughout the story that has parallels with our own sitution, managing to convey the severity of some of the biggest environmental and societal problems facing our planet today, all told through a great piece of fantasy literature. I could not recommend this highly enough for anyone with a sense of curiosity and a passion for our living planet, Earth."

"Thoroughly enjoyed every page. Very well written and imaginative story with an important underlying message. I would strongly recommend this book to everybody."


"Really interesting story, full of really imaginative description travelling though time and space. I really recommend this book highly."


"A very thought provoking book, very imaginative why of making us think about how we look after our planet and each other.
It also made me think how people who have left this world can help us move on with our lives and try to improve our way of thinking.
Living in the same area that the author grew up in made this book even nicer to read, being able to visualize in my mind places where she got her inspiration from. I would encourage anybody to read this book, even if you don't like fantasy stories, this book is so much more
A very talented young author and I am waiting for the next book!"


"Thought provoking, inspiring, a great little read on the train.
Hopefully a good catalyst to influence how we treat our planet."


"Excellent debut from this author. A well-crafted narrative which deftly meets the challenge of drawing rounded characters and storyline while also asking profound questions about our relationship with our planet. Accessible and thought-provoking in equal measure."

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In August 2017 I presented at the Llangwm Literary Festival in Pembrokeshire in 'Voice of the Village' with other Authors Philippa Davies and P..J Hetherhouse. If you missed Llangwm Lit fest this year be sure to check it out next year. I have a feeling this lit fest is going to get bigger and better each year. Take a peak!  https://www.llangwmlitfest.co.uk/





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 Introducing . . . Radio Waves



A collection of illustrated poems . . . 


Written by Mary Pilcher

Illustrated by Sara Pilcher


Brought to you by Opposable Thumbs.


Reviews. . .

 "Radio waves a very good read. Very english, wonderfully artsy.
I also enjoyed the excellent illustrations. A very pleasant read on a Sunday."

"I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Wonderful illustrations, too. An excellent portrayal of family life in the twentieth century. I would highly recommend this book as a great way to escape modern life."



In September 2016 I launched my debut novel . . . Awakening Worlds


Reviewed as “imaginative,” “accessible,” and “so much more than a fantasy book,” Awakening Worlds promises to challenge your attitude towards faith, nature, and identity.


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If you live outside EU or USA




When Roselyn, daughter of the universe, learns humanity’s growing disregard for Earth’s health is putting her mother’s life in danger, she volunteers to nurture a new spirit for the planet’s rebirth.


Roselyn arrives fresh from the world of ancient sunlight in 1784, and she soon discerns that human life is dispensable if she is to succeed in fulfilling the prophecy of the next world.


Roselyn’s actions are not as compassionate as one might expect from a goddess born from the planet Venus. 


But when Roselyn finds the spirit of Earth growing inside a young girl whose parents have hidden her away from the world, she finds herself feeling more compassionate—and more human—than she ever thought possible.





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