About me


I launched this website in 2011 to share my poetry and short stories. In September 2016 I released my debut novel, Awakening Worlds.


Over the last two years I've been learning about the self-publishing process. There are lots of resources, advice sites and forums out there.


Through Opposable Thumbs I aim to provide help, advice and support for anyone that wants to publish. From novels, to poetry collections, biographies, non-fiction... anything that needs printing or issuing as an ebook. It's all out there... and it's all FREE!


My next project is a collection of poems written by my Grandmother (Nanna), illustrated by my Mum (Sara), and edited by me. 


Travel is a great source of inspiration to me. I ran a creative writing and drama workshop at Minmahaw School in Thailand with Burmese refugees ages 18-23 and worked at Wulungarra School in Kadjina, an Aboriginal community situated in the Kimberley in Australia, where I caught Redback spiders and desert butterflies with the students in our minibeast project, played lots of outdoor games and went on a cultural camp to some beautiful and sacred places. My poems are inspired by travel and cultural difference; the colours, sights, scents, and the awe and wonder to be found in the natural world.



... at the golden pagoda at the top of a mountain near Mae Sot, Tak Province, Thailand.





... a drama workhop with the students of Minmahaw School




... riding the quadbike around the Kimberely desert





... walking with the Brolgas


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...the river at Fitzroy Crossing (before the flood)

Flying into Broome


Sunset on Kadjina Community 

 Some travel-related fun/photoshoot