These Words Unfurled


However green the past doth seem.

It matters not,

for the mind can dream.

A longed-for sense of time and place.

A soul un-fenced.

A smiling face.


A figure blurred

An untold word

A rhyme not sang

A bell not rang.

The past doth seem

a distant place.

Far from here; beyond all trace.

The glass is full.

The flowers come.

The white washing dries upon the line.

The clouds have emptied.

The garden grows.

But the birds are yet to sing.


My body; subject to change and chance.

As the earth moves around the sun.

There's time to tell another story.

Here and there. Forever



A tale of Mars, the unborn

brother. Kin.

Sibling to sisters, Venus and Earth.

The red dust settles

Upon my mind.

A space station adrift in an ocean of madness.

Calm and serenity.

A figure emerges from the depths. Tumbles

and falls upon the


Many levels.

Many floors. Hidden

doors and

corridors. Mezzanines


on fire. Curtains lace held up by wire.


The light let in,

casts shadows on the walls.


We see them now, but not before. Before 'twas all darkness. A bolted door.

A hidden floor. A trap door beneath the Turkish rug.

Indulgent words, feed my brain.

Sounds unheard and knowledge gained.

New connections.

Neurons fire. Cells unite.

A liar.

In flames.


A drop of poison in the dust.

It clings like gravity.

It must.

Like flesh to bone.

A seed unsown.

A mask on loan.

A mobile phone

on silent was my life.

Unheard of was my knife

to cut the world wide open

and hear the song out-spoken. Gravity affects us all.

To deny it is to sink below.

To assume you know is to fly with the crow.

Fast doth it go and

bellow below

it fears its foe

for it does not know

the way home.

Now this way shown

you see the path.

Adapt your tone, ascent the graph

for ascendance means to seek the truth.

Appearing upwards.

Humans are on the move.

Adapt. Change. Work with the world.

These words are now unfurled.